Family Forward 2016 Terms and Conditions
Basic Criteria for Registrants

By registering for a Family Forward 2016 Family Pass, you acknowledge the following (please read carefully before registering as a cancellation + a $200 fee will be assessed on all registrations that do not meet the criteria):


  • This is an event for bloggers and social media influencers and their families.

  • At least one adult in your family engages regularly on an active blog that has been in existence for 1 year or longer and across popular social media channels.

  • At least one adult in your family is either the owner of said blog and social media channels or is representing the owner as a writer, editor, or active team member and has permission to post on all outlets (blog and social media channels).

  • The adult blogger/social media influencer in your family is a subscribed member of the Mom It Forward Network at the time of registration and will remain so through the event (September 5, 2016). This requires filling out the form on and being subscribed to our weekly eNewsletter list.

  • New policy! You are the only representative from your blog and social media channels registering for/attending Family Forward 2016. (Due to limited space, only one representative and his/her family per blog is allowed to attend Family Forward 2016).

  • This is a highly subsidized media opportunity made possible by Universal Orlando Resort where you will be given behind-the-scenes and exclusive opportunities. In exchange for receiving this highly subsidized rate, you agree to promote your experiences on your blog and social media channels, sharing your authentic experience while at Universal Orlando Resort.

  • You are an adult 18 years old or over and are registering for yourself.

  • You complete the post-registration questionnaire within 24 from the time stamp of the email (no exceptions). This will be emailed to you via eventbrite and via after your registration is received. (See Questionnaire Policy.)


If you register for this event without meeting the above-listed basic criteria, Family Forward reserves the right to cancel your registration immediately and without advanced notice. In the event that your registration is cancelled, you will be refunded the cost of the ticket minus a $200 processing fee.


Please email Jyl at if you have any questions whatsoever about whether you qualify to register.


Family Pass Pricing and Inclusions

The Family Forward pass inclusions are subject to change and are based on what is listed on the website.


As of March 2016, these are the offerings:


One Family Forward full retreat pass ($1999) is good for one family with up to five family members (3 and older). All children (including those ages 3+) must have a pass. Children under the age of 2 do not require a retreat or park pass.


  • Note: No discount or refund is given for families with less than five people.

  • Note 2: Two bloggers may share a family pass if combined, they have five or less people (e.g., two blogger friends with one child each). In this instance, only one hotel room and one free roll away bed are included in the pass.


Family Pass Inclusions

Family Forward Family Passes for 2016 include the following:


  • Four nights stay (Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday September 1-4, 2016) in one standard room at the Loews Royal Pacific Resort. Rooms sleep four and one roll away bed per family is available upon request at no additional charge.

    Note: Rooms are included for the full retreat passes only. The Additional Family Member pass does NOT include lodging. Once you have registered, Family Forward will reach out to you with lodging reservation information and you will be able to book your stay using our group code. You will be credited the four night stays. If you book additional room nights, either before or after the event or during the event, you will be required to pay a deposit of one full night's stay. All guests will be required to leave a credit card on file to cover any incidentals not covered by the retreat.

    Note 2: It is a fire hazard to have more than 5 people in a standard room regardless of their age (babies included). Families who purchase Additional Family Passes or who have more than 5 people will be responsible for purchasing their additional room night.

  • Entrance into the exclusive nighttime event at Universal Studios Florida and Islands of Adventure.

  • Participation in all family-building, hands-on activities and workshops.


  • Five 2-day park-to-park Universal Express Passes into Universal Studios Florida and into Islands of Adventure to be handed out Saturday morning and good only for the timeframe of the retreat.

    Note: Additional Family Member passes include one 2-day pass each. Passes are intended for Family Forward attendees only, may not be handed out earlier than Saturday, and may not be transferred and/or exchanged for goods or cash.


  • One VIP Tour Guide on Saturday, September 3 during the time frame specified for a family of up to five.

    Note: VIP Tours will take place in groups of up to 12. You will have the option to specify another family you'd like to go on your tour with, but Family Forward reserves the right to make changes to ensure that all immediate families can stay together. If you would like to participate in this activity, you must take the VIP Tour Guide within the time frame specified. The VIP Tour Guides will not be available at any other time during or outside of our event and cannot be transferred or exchanged for goods or cash.


  • Entrance into the Family Forward Pool Party and a coupon for one inner tube for a family of up to 5.

    Note: Additional Family Member Passes receive entrance into the Pool Party but do not receive an additional coupon for a free inner tube.


  • Tickets to the Blue Man Group Show for up to a family of five.

  • Three dinners, two breakfasts, and two dessert parties (five meals and two dessert parties) for a family of up to 5.


Meals, other than the four specified; transportation to the Florida, the resort, or to/from the airport; and parking are NOT included.


Loews Royal Pacific Resort is offering Family Forward guests a discounted rate that is good three days prior and three days following the retreat for Family Forward attendees. It is also good for additional rooms during the retreat.


(New Policy!) Additional Family Member Pass Pricing and Inclusions

One Family Forward Additional Family Member Pass ($400) is good for one family family member (3 and older). All children (including those ages 3+) must have a pass. Children under the age of 2 do not require a retreat or park pass.


Additional Family Member Pass holders enjoy the same inclusions as Family Member Pass holders with exception to the fact that they are good for one person only, do not include any lodging, and do not include an inner tube rental for the pool party. Refund fees are the same: $200. (See Refund Policy.)


We have a total of 10 Additional Family Member Passes available this year and they will be made available on a first-come, first-served basis for immediate children first and grandparents second. They must be requested within 12 hours of purchasing your Family Pass (no exceptions) by emailing The price for Additional Family Member Passes is $400 per family member and the passes are good for one additional family member and are intended first and foremost for families who have more than three children or for other close family members (e.g., grandparents). Additional Family Member Passes may not be used for non family members, caregivers, or friends.

In the event that Additional Family Member Passes have sold out and if Family Forward is unable to accommodate your Additional Family Pass request and you would like to return your Family Pass, your already purchased Family Pass for Family Forward 2016 will be refunded 100% as long as you requested an Additional Family Member Pass within 12 hours of purchasing your Family Member Pass. Otherwise, please refer to the Refund Policy for steps involved in returning your Family Pass.


Ticket Transfer and Refund Policy

Pass pricing and inclusions are non negotiable and non refundable. Once you purchase your pass(es), they are your responsibility.

Refunds for Not Meeting Basic Criteria or Not Completing the Questionnaire


When you purchase a Family Pass, you will be sent a questionnaire within 24 hours. From the time stamp of the email, you will have 24 hours to complete 100% of the questionnaire. If you register for a Family Pass, do not meet the basic criteria, and/or do not complete the questionnaire in full within 24 hours of the email's time stamp, your Family Pass will be refunded immediately and without advanced notice minus the $200 processing fee no exceptions.


Refunds for Returning Your Family Pass


All passes are non-refundable. However, they are transferable up until July 1, 2016. Should you determine you are not able to make the event after the point of purchase and you'd like to pursue transferring your ticket to another purchaser, please follow this process.


  1. Email up to July 1, 2016 sharing your need to transfer your ticket(s).

  2. We will recommend your ticket to someone on our wait list.

  3. In the event that no one is on our wait list, you are welcome to find a buyer who meets all of our basic criteria and share that person’s information with us. Family Forward must review and approve all transfers. We can tackle this discussion via email.

  4. Once a transfer is approved, we will provide a code for the new buyer to register and the person buying the ticket will need to pay and payment must clear before a refund will be issued to the original purchaser.

  5. From there, we will cancel the original ticket and refund the original buyer the full amount of the pass(es) minus a $200 fee for family passes and/or a $200 fee for additional family passes (no exceptions).

  6. Tickets are available on a first-come, first-served basis. All tickets are subject to Family Forward review and approval. Family Forward and Mom It Forward, Inc. reserve the right to not accept any registration and will reimburse the payee minus a $200 fee for Family Passes and a $200 fee for Additional Family Member Passes. When you click the box during the registration process, indicating that you have read all of our TERMS AND CONDITIONS, we assume you understand that every refund comes with a $200 processing fee. Thanks for understanding!

Sponsorship Rules
Universal Orlando Resort and Loews Hotels Sponsorships


Universal Orlando Resort and Loews Hotels are the title sponsors of this event. As such, they are heavily subsidizing the rate to make this price possible for you ($8,500 value for $1,999). Therefore, they will not be offering any additional sponsorship opportunities to individual bloggers for this event, including compensation for meals, room upgrades, spa treatments, or anything outside what is included in this package. We appreciate your understanding of this up front. Should you have questions regarding this, please reach out directly to the Family Forward team instead of going to the fine folks at Universal Orlando Resort, including Loews Hotels.

Third Party Sponsors You'd Like to Partner With (Non Family Forward Sponsor)


You are welcome to seek sponsorship for your Family Forward experience as long as while attending the event, you agree that you will not:


  • Promote outside (non event) sponsors that conflict with official event sponsors, especially Universal Orlando Resort, Universal Studios Florida, Islands of Adventure, and Loews Hotels. Please review the sponsors page on this website for more details on official event sponsors. Note that some sponsors may not be identified until right before the event.

  • Promote any sponsors inside the theme parks.

  • Pass out brochures, pamphlets, swag, lanyards, buttons, or other brand collateral or products in the main conference areas or at official conference activities and events, including sponsored suites and inside the parks.

  • Place display advertising/signage of any kind in the main conference areas or at official conference activities and events.

  • Organize or hold informal events any time from Wednesday, August 31 to Monday, September 5 during regular conference hours (7:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.).

  • Stay at a hotel outside of Universal Orlando Resort property. If you do, please be aware that you will not receive Universal Express Passes as those are only issued to those with Loews Hotel key cards.


Any attendee who breaks these rules puts themselves in jeopardy of being asked to not participate in Family Forward 2016 and will not be issued any refund whatsoever, including the standard $200 processing fee.


Photography and Video Release and Consent Policy

Family Forward takes pictures and videos throughout the event. Some of these may include photos of your children. These photos will never be used for commercial purposes. However, they may be used for social sharing purposes, including but not limited to: sharing in Facebook albums, in Google+ albums, on Instagram, on Twitter, and other social media channels. No tags will be added to children 18 or younger. If you are uncomfortable with any pictures that have been posted, you are welcome to remove a tag or request that we remove the image and we will remove it within 24 hours after returning from the event (Wednesday, September 7, 2016).


Questionnaire Policy

A post-registration questionnaire will be emailed to you within 24 hours of your Family Forward 2016 registration being received. Please watch your email for a message from us, which will come from both eventbrite and


From the time stamp of that email you will have 24 hours to complete 100% of that questionnaire.


By checking yes to the waiver in the registration form, you agree that you understand that if you do not complete 100% of the questionnaire within the time allotment, your Family Pass will be refunded minus a $200 processing fee and you will lose your spot at Family Forward 2016.