Announcing the Workshops

Hi, Family Forward friends! How many of you are dreaming of all the fun rides at Universal? With the increasing online buzz about the new attractions, we are as excited as you are to experience it in a few short weeks.

Before we hit the park, the Family Forward team has some amazing workshops planned for you and your family while you are at the retreat. In an effort to help you develop your super hero powers, here are the workshops we have planned for you.

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Get Your Creativity On

The DohVinci brand, from Hasbro, has a fun workshop planned where you and your family will be able to test out this fun new design compound and make a beautiful 3D art piece together. Get ready to work as a team and make something unique. You can learn more about DohVinci by visiting

Meet New Friends

National Geographic Animal Jam is the leading online playground for kids. During their workshop, you will meet Dr. Brady Barr, a real scientist. He will introduce you to some local Floridian animals. He will also let you test out some science gadgets. Word is you are going to get to meet a crockadile. What? To learn more about Animal Jam, visit

Develop Teamwork

During the Southwest workshop, you will have the opportunity to meet a pilot from Southwest’s Adopt-A-Pilot program. During the workshop you will learn the mechanics and teamwork it takes to get a plane up in the air. Learn the science behind how a plane is able to fly. For more information about the Adopt-A-Pilot program, visit

Connect as a Family During Mealtime

Barilla is dedicated to making mealtime more fun. They will be having a fun, interactive workshop on how to make your mealtime more meaningful. Dr. Elizabeth Doherty Thomas will share her tips on creating engaging family meals while Barilla’s Executive Chef, Lorenzo Boni, and Nutritionist, Anna Rosales, will host a fun “lunch & learn” experience. Learn more about Barilla and their mission at

You won’t want to miss any of these workshops. They are for kids of all ages. All of our workshops will incorporate hands-on learning to keep the whole family entertained and engaged.

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