Calling all Super Heroes

Who is excited for our Family Forward retreat next month? We know you are looking for ways to strengthen your family and Family Forward is your answer. Some of you might be wondering, “What’s up with the super hero theme?” Give us a chance to explain.

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We want to give you a little background on Family Forward. Family Forward is an arm of Mom it Forward Media. Our primary focus is to strengthen families through meaningful and tip-oriented content provided both online and offline. We have created lots of useful material as part of the Family

Forward suite of products:

  • More than 20 blog posts on strengthening families

  • 12 eBooks dedicated to the theme of “Becoming a Super Hero Family” including over 100 action-oriented tips and 50 printable

  • Our series of 13 google+ hangouts (live)

  • Our series of the google+ hangouts are archived on video on our YouTube channel

Family Forward Mission

After nearly six years of being in business, we went back to the beginning and started looking again at our mission, our vision, and our values, and everything we came up with pointed to families. And not just to tapping into the family market from a marketing perspective, but on creating content, campaigns, and events that would strengthen families.

Now with two successful Family Forward retreats under our belt, we are excited to connect at the Orlando Adventure with you and your family where all activities, events, and hands-on workshops are open to the entire family. It is time to dust off your capes and learn the skills you need in order to be a super family. What are we waiting for ... let’s get this party started!

Before we meet in Orlando, we wanted to make sure you get your hands on our “Becoming a Super Hero ToolKit” which includes 14 place mats with games, coloring activities, and meal time conversation starters, focused on making family meal time a fun priority. You know what they say, family dinner time is one of the post important times of the day.


Click here, add the Becoming a Super Hero Toolkit to your cart, and use the code "SUPERHEROTOOLKIT" (case sensitive) to enjoy this free eBook.

If you would like to start brushing up on your super hero skills and make your family “Super”, check out all of our “Becoming a Super Hero Family” eBooks here!

We want you to get to know our title sponsor better. Check out our Google+ hangout where Michael Aiello, Assistant Director of Creative Development for Universal, was our guest panelist. We talked about our “Becoming a Super Hero eBook – Creativity”. Michael talks about how to bring creativity into your everyday life, not only as individuals but as families:

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